Air pollution is environmental problem that directly affects people’s health. Most people might be familiar of the term “pollution or air pollution” but are not aware of the information or detail of what exactly air pollution is, and which aspects does it impact people’s life quality.

What is air pollution?

Air pollution is the occurrence of dust, bio-molecule, or hazardous substance in earth’s atmospheres, including air pollution inside buildings. Air pollution is considered as a threat to our health because it is the cause of serious diseases that may cause death, as well as destroying other living organisms such as plants and natural environment.

Source of air pollution can be divided into 2 main causes;

  1. Air pollution caused by human activities such as demand of energy in household, industrial sector, and agricultural sector, as well as air pollution from car, motored boat, or airplane, which is the cause of carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides, hydrocarbon compound, which directly affect our health. Combustion of these fuels also leads to more pollution every year.
  2. Air pollution problem due to natural causes such as volcanic eruption causing large quantity of smoke and ashes dispersing in the air. Pollution caused by forest fire causing smoke that is dangerous for respiratory system. Pollution caused by decomposition of animal and plant remains, if chemical reaction takes place, carbon dioxide, methane, and ammonia will diffuse in the air. And, air pollution caused by dust particles due to an object being hammered, grinded, collided and broken into bits, when there is wind, it will diffuse in the air.

Air Pollution Solution and Prevention;

Air pollution both due to human activity and natural causes are a major problem that requires cooperation from government agency, private organization, and people who have been affected by these problems such as;

  • Educate people about the impact of air pollution, and the importance of cleaned air.
  • Control quantity of air pollutant from industrial factory in order to control air pollution.
  • Upgrade waste disposal system to reduce outdoor garbage burning.
  • Campaign for people to take part in preventing air pollution.
  • Promote the use of mass transportation and promote the use of transportation system that produces low air pollution.

To prevent air pollution, if the best efficiency is required, cooperation from various parties is needed by instilling conscience in terms of being responsible for the environment together. Besides effective solution, it is also a sustainable solution for air pollution.