Allergy is a common disease, which is found in 1 out of 4 persons, or 25 percent of the population suffers from this disease, and it is likely to increase. Frequently changing weather condition may affect patient with allergy. How do you look after patient with allergy? We have some good recommendations;

What is allergy?

Symptoms of allergy caused by body contacts certain substance. However, body does react to substance that is harmless to the body that naturally exists. Substance that causes reaction is called allergen, or the fact that body is sensitive to dust, dust mite, fungus in the air, food, or pollen.

Type of Allergy

Allergy can be divided according to organ that becomes allergic. Patient with allergy may have symptom in the same organ or many organs such as;

  1. Conjunctivitis Allergy
  2. Bronchopulmonary Allergy
  3. Gastrointestinal Allergy
  4. Skin Allergy

Symptoms of Allergy

Allergy is a chronic disease. Patient with allergy often has intermittent symptom, and it is also found that patient with allergy has higher risk of catching cold more than healthy person because there is a factor that makes the patient become more susceptible to germ. Symptoms of allergy are;

  1. Breathe louder than healthy person
  2. Itchy nose and also maybe itchy around neck area, eye, and skin
  3. Loss of scent reception
  4. Cough
  5. Runny nose all the time
  6. Blocked nose, difficult breathing
  7. Teary
  8. Headache

How to treat patient with allergy?

  1. If there is a patient with allergy in the house, you should avoid having all kinds of hairy or feathery pet such as dog, cat, bird, duck, or chicken as it may cause allergy symptom.
  2. During whether changes, especially in cold weather, allergy often relapse easily. Patient with allergy should look after his/her health by always keep the body warm such as wearing thick clothes, drinking warm water, and rest adequately.
  3. During cold weather, you should avoid going out to windy or crowded place to prevent catching cold.
  4. Avoid allergen such as cigarette smoke, which is an important factor that stimulates relapse.
  5. Use of medicine to alleviate symptom.
  6. Vaccination to help readjust immunity to normal.

Currently, there has not been a cure for allergy. Therefore, looking after patient with allergy is focused on behavior to avoid important factor that stimulates relapse, including looking after own health with regular exercise and eat healthy food. These behaviors will enable patient with allergy to live happily in the society.