How can we reduce air pollution?

Air pollution is a problem that affects health condition and livelihood of people. General public often misunderstand that air pollution comes from cars. In reality, air pollution comes from 2 main causes, i.e. human activity and natural causes. It is obvious that air pollution can occur around us and it is a problem that is difficult to solve.

Although air pollution is a major problem that is difficult to solve, we can help reduce such pollution because human activity is responsible for part of the causes. Therefore, we must change our behavior such as;

– Turn off all lights that is not in use to save energy. This is an easy way to reduce pollution.

– Reduce the use of plastic bag by using paper bag or cloth bag instead.

– Electrical appliances such as air conditioner, and TV should be turned off when they are not used, and should not be left turned on.

– Electric kettle should not be fully filled. It should be filled according to number of people. And, when the water is boiled, it should be unplugged after use every time.

– Replace incandescent light bulb with fluorescent light bulb because it helps reduce carbon dioxide and save energy.

– Hot food should not be put in refrigerator immediately. It should be left to cool first. If refrigerator is put in a room with air conditioner, it should be removed from the room. Refrigerator should be cleaned and defrosted regularly to save energy as it will consume more electricity when ice is accumulated inside.

– Buy car that large enough for the family and useful, as well as select the model that is the most environmentally friendly for the earth and for yourself.

– Select biofuel such as biodiesel, and ethanol to reduce fuel oil energy consumption. Besides conserving the environment, it also saves cost because it is cheaper.

– Drive slowly. You should not drive faster than 90 kilometer per hour for long distance travel. It will help save fuel as much as 20 percent, and also helps reduce carbon dioxide.

– Use public transportation or bicycle instead of private car for short distance travel.

– Plant trees because tree can absorb carbon dioxide and also provides shade for us. If you do not have space to plant tree, you can also plant flower plants in pots.

Pollution directly affects our quality of life. There are many ways to reduce pollution. To reduce pollution by ourselves, besides reducing pollution, instilling conscience in people to realize the impact of pollution due to human activity is also a sustainable solution.