How can we reduce water pollution?

Water is a major factor for the existence of human and living organisms. In the past, we can get water from natural water source, which is different from nowadays where there is water pollution problem. This affects the existence of living organisms including life cycle of aquatic animals. Part of the main cause that lead to water pollution is human activity. Therefore, reducing water pollution by ourselves is regarded as everyone’s responsibility to take part in solving these problems.

Ways to reduce water pollution by ourselves;

  1. The first thing that we must do to reduce water pollution by ourselves is instilling conscience to preserve water source for ourselves and members of our families because solving problem by ourselves is the best way and it is also a role model for family members, which will gradually expand to people in the society.
  2. Use natural treatment by planting aquatic plants to reduce water pollution.
  3. Do not dispose garbage wastewater or waste into water source and public drain.
  4. Reduce water consumption in daily routine or recycle used water such as use water from clothes washing or dish washing to water plants.
  5. Do not release rinsed water into public water source.
  6. Help campaign for various organizations such as industrial factory, hospital, and other organizations to provide wastewater treatment system and grease trap for proper disposal.
  7. Help monitor and inspect together with government sector to prevent draining polluted water into nearby area.
  8. Reduce the use of chemicals in agricultural area to prevent residue in soil when rainwater may carry residue into river, which leads to water pollution.
  9. Put EM Ball or Effective Microorganism Ball into water source to help treat wastewater, deodorize, and dissolve grease contaminated in the water.
  10. Change detergent formula to the kind that has no phosphate compound to reduce phosphate compound in polluted water.

Solving water pollution by ourselves is makeshift solution, which good solution for polluted water requires an investigation on the cause of polluted water to determine the cause in order to find proper solution. However, polluted water solution must be implemented in parallel with prevention to ensure sustainable solution.