Allergy is a symptom that body responses more or is more sensitive than healthy person when certain substance enters the body such as dust, dust mite, fundus in the air, certain food, or pollen, which in healthy person, when these things enter the body, there might not be any reaction, which is different from person with allergy who may cough, sneeze, having difficulty breathing, itchy nose, and runny nose.

Currently, allergy has no cure. Therefore, looking after person with allergy is focused on behavior, environmental care, and avoiding factor that may stimulates relapse.

How to prevent allergy? Let’s take a look at some recommendation;

How to prevent allergy?

  1. Clean room, bed sheet, pillow cover, blanket, or bask mattress and bedding in the son often to get rid of and stop the growth of dust mite.
  2. Maintain strong health, get enough sleep, eat variety of food to allow body to get all nutrients needed, and exercise daily.
  3. Open windows to receive sunlight to allow sunlight to drive away humidity and good ventilation.
  4. Doormat should be cleaned every week, or basked in the sun to avoid humidity. Having a patient with allergy at home, if possible, synthetic doormat should be used because it can prevent humidity and it is more convenient to clean.
  5. Shoes rack and shoes should be cleaned often to reduce dust and to prevent fungi due to humidity.
  6. Carpet should not be used. Avoid fabric covered furniture. Do not use mattress or pillow made of kapok, Use mattress or pillow made of synthetic fiber or sponge.
  7. Avoid keeping pet with hair or feather, or do not keep pet with hair or feather inside the house.
  8. Vacuum dust, clean floor and furniture to get rid of dust and to prevent fungus.
  9. Keep bedroom clear with few furniture and should not keep old books in bedroom.
  10. If patient with allergy is also allergic to pollen, weed should be removed and flower should not be planted in the house.
  11. Vacuum car at least once a week because there may be fungus accumulated inside.

Although allergy has no cure, it can be treated and prevented. Now that after knowing the 10 ways to prevent allergy, patient with allergy can apply it in order to be healthy like normal person.

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