The Importance of CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate)

CADR efficiency test by independent industry called AHAM (The Association Appliance) was established to create good standard for household appliances, which includes air purifier.

CADR is the speed of removing contamination vacuumed by air purifier, or fully known as Clean Air Delivery Rate. Higher value means faster air cleaning speed. CADR can be used to compare efficiency of air purifier in each model.

CADR: stands for Clean Air Delivery Rate, which means the rate of delivering purified air measured the amount of 100% clean air from air purifier.

CADR: means that the higher CADR, the greater purified air, and therefore, more efficient.

CADR: is comparison of the efficiency rate of removing contamination of air purifier vacuumed by air purifier. Higher CARD means faster contamination removing capacity.

CFM = Cubic Foot per Minute: flow rate measured in cubic foot per minute