Many people are familiar with the term “organic” especially people who love to look after their health and pay attention to what they eat. Organic vegetable is popular cooking ingredient. However, it is still believed that many people are also interested and wanted to know what organic actually is. Today, we will find the correct answer.

What’s organic?

The term organic, if it is translated directly, means organic chemistry or study that is component of living organism. The term organic means product grown using organic agriculture, which is cultivation using control method to prevent chemical contamination in all steps of production such as using natural fertilizer, not using any chemical in cultivation. Furthermore, organic product is also controlled in the transformation process to ensure that there is least chemical contamination.

Organic Product Certification Standard

Certification of organic product standard will occur when it is certified by organization established by government in each country only. There will be a clear stamp on the label indicating that it is certified by which country, or group of countries. If manufacturer is not certified, the product has no right to use the term organic on the product label for advertising purpose.

Standard Inspection Procedure

Organic product standard inspection may differ for each type. The procedure will start from inspecting cultivation source, raw material, cultivation method, harvesting, packaging, transportation, application or transformation process until it becomes ready-made product.

What is the benefit of organic?

  1. All components are natural whether it is vegetable, product, or organic food, no synthetic substance is used in every step, which is safe for consumer and farmer, as well as environmental friendly.
  2. It does not cause pollution in production process. Organic comes from balanced ecosystem. Every step in the production helps reduce pollution in the environment resulting in fertility of living organism in the whole system.
  3. Organic is beneficial for our health because it helps reduce the risk of dread disease that has chemical as the main cause.
  4. Organic is poison-free product, safe for human, animals, and the environment. It is another way to help preserve soil, water, and the environment in its natural state.
  5. Organic product is an alternative for people who look after their health.

There are many types of organic product covering from fresh product, seasoning, read-made product, cosmetics, which are divided into two main types, i.e. 100% organic product and 95% organic product. Both of these types will have label specifying ingredients and production method in detail and international standard certification logo.